School lead testing grants

The goal of the lead testing grant program is to reduce lead exposure for the public, especially young children. We are raising awareness of lead risks, testing for lead in drinking water, identifying potential lead sources, and taking action to address lead exposure. We will also share the sample results — and any actions taken — with the public. 

Grant funding will be available for local public health agencies and other county agencies to provide testing for lead in drinking water in public schools and certified child care facilities. This program is currently delayed due to COVID-19, but will be open for applications as soon as feasible. 
Typically, fixture replacement and point-of-use filters are relatively inexpensive lead remediation solutions. However, if additional funding is needed, EPA has provided an interactive guide of potential remediation funding sources to help schools and daycares replace their fixtures that contain lead.

Local Public Health Agencies and Counties

Local public health agencies and county agencies can apply to administer this program locally for public schools and licensed child care facilities in their jurisdictions. This program has two required phases, outlined below. Applicants are required to complete both phases. Eligible entities are encouraged to review the information below to become familiar with the program.

Phase 1 - Outreach and Education

Local public health agencies and counties considering applying can receive outreach and education materials and contact information/reporting form for eligible schools and child care facilities from CDPHE. Phase 1 involves implementing outreach and education on drinking water lead exposure and soliciting the participation of public schools and child care facilities for lead testing (Phase 2) in their jurisdiction

Contact us at, review the contact information/reporting form for your jurisdiction, and complete the application checklist

Phase 2 - Lead Sampling and Testing 

Phase 2 will involve developing facility-specific sampling plans, then sampling drinking water at the participating schools and child care facilities, submitting the samples for laboratory testing, and communicating test results to the public. Apply for the Phase 2 grant using this application checklist.

Schools and child care facilities that want their drinking water tested for lead

If you think your school or child care facility would benefit from having its drinking water tested for lead under this program, please contact your local public health agency or county to express your interest and see if they are planning on participating in the program.

We Encourage You to Contact Us to Express Interest and Ask Questions:

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