Become a lead abatement professional

Lead-based paint abatement must be conducted by state-certified firms and individuals. State requirements include training, certification, accreditation and work practice standards. The requirements apply to housing constructed prior to 1978, and child-occupied facilities. These requirements are found in Colorado Air Quality Control Regulation No. 19 and the Colorado Revised Statute 25-5-1101.
To become a certified individual by Colorado, you must:
  1. Complete the required training. Approved training providers are listed below.
  2. Submit the appropriate application for certification (provided below).
  3. Pass the appropriate state exam for the discipline in which you want to be certified.
After successfully completing the above requirements, individuals seeking Supervisor or Worker certification will be issued a Lead Photo Identification Card. Inspectors will receive a certificate.

Approved training provider:

CHC Training

1775 West 55th Avenue

Denver, CO 80221



Certification application for firms

Become a lead evaluation firm or lead abatement firm

Certification application for individuals

Become a...
  • Inspector
    Inspections and clearance testing
  • Risk Assessor
    Inspections, clearance testing, lead hazard screens and risk assessments
  • Supervisor
    Supervision of abatement projects, preparation of occupant protection plans, abatement reports
  • Worker
    Abatement activities under the direction of a certified abatement supervisor