Lead testing


Peeling and flaking paint can pose a lead poisoning risk

Test my home

  • If your home was built before 1978, there may be lead-based paint in your home. Renovation or demolition of these homes can create lead dust which can be inhaled or eaten. Even houses not under renovation for demolition can contain peeling, chipping, or cracking lead-based paint.
  • Lead Evaluation Firms
    Contact information for Colorado lead inspectors that will test your home for lead-based paint.
  • Lead Abatement Firms


cdphe.lead@state.co.us | 303-692-3100 or 303-692-3150

Test my child

The only way to know if a child has lead poisoning is to have them tested. Symptoms are not visible. It is important to test children when they are young so they can get the right treatment if they have been exposed to lead.

Should your child be tested for lead?

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Lead poisoning is diagnosed with a blood test. All children with an increased risk of lead exposure should be tested.

  • Children under the age of three and pregnant people are at the greatest risk.
  • Health care providers and some low-cost health clinics can provide blood lead testing.
  • If a child has high levels of lead in their blood,  a health care provider will help you get medical care and make the necessary changes to the child’s environment to prevent further lead poisoning.

Fact sheet: Learning about lead


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