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For many decades, the Globeville, Elyria-Swansea communities have been impacted by several sources of pollution, one of which is historic smelting in the area. Although the smelters shut down many years ago, we are still working to clean up the pollution they left behind in the soil. Parts of the neighborhood have been designated as the Vasquez Boulevard/Interstate-70 Superfund Site, which allows the Environmental Protection Agency to identify responsible parties, collect money and clean up the contamination left by these smelters.

The current Superfund program focus is on the highly industrialized area Operable Unit 2. This area includes part of the National Western Stockshow and the Denver Coliseum. There are no residences in this area. 

A Community Advisory Group (CAG) can assist the community in understanding the multi-phase Superfund process, what contaminants are addressed, and the timeline for cleanup. The cleanup process is technical and can take a long time, so the Community Advisory Group meetings are a great way for the community to learn more and stay up to date about what is happening. These meetings provide space for you to voice your concerns about the cleanup and engage with agency representatives from the CDPHE and the EPA. 

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Gardening safely in the Vasquez Boulevard/Interstate 70 area. April 2020 (En inglés y español)

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This is a National Priorities List, or "Superfund" hazardous waste site. While EPA is the lead agency for remediation of this site, we provide technical support and input on all remediation-related activities to ensure the objectives of the Superfund program and state regulations are met.

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