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A brief Rocky Flats timeline

Ongoing: CDPHE continues to monitor effectiveness of DOE Superfund remedy at central area.
2012: Five-year review shows Superfund area remedy effective.
July 2007: DOE transfers peripheral lands to the U.S. Fish &, Wildlife Service for use as refuge.
2007: Colorado receives $10 million in natural resources damages from federal government.
2006: Rocky Flats site achieves closure, Rocky Flats Plant facilities gone.
2005: Physical cleanup completed, but central area remains a Superfund site.
2001: Congress passes Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge Act of 2001.
1998: CDPHE releases a study of cancer rates near Rocky Flats.
1996: Rocky Flats Cleanup Agreement signed, which outlined site cleanup milestones.
1993: Rocky Flats Plant’s nuclear weapons production mission ends.
1992: Facility operator pleads guilty to environmental crimes, pays $18.5 million fine.
1989: EPA and FBI raid Rocky Flats Plant.
1957, 1969: Major fires in glove boxes release contamination.
1952-1989: Rocky Flats Plant produces plutonium triggers for U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal.
1951: Construction of Rocky Flats Plant starts to the northwest of Arvada, Colorado.
List updated August 2016