Uranium mill tailings sites

Guidance for management of uranium mill tailings encountered during construction activities
Guidance for management of uranium mill tailings specific to the Durango area

Former uranium mill sites

Cleanup of former uranium mill sites in Colorado authorized by the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) program has been completed.
  • This program facilitated the cleanup of 15 million cubic yards of uranium tailings at former uranium mill sites in nine western Colorado communities.
  • Because much of the cleanup is complete, the focus has shifted to primarily "Post-UMTRA issues," or the discovery of new uranium mill tailings material by private citizens, utility companies or local governments.​

2021-2022 uranium mill tailings management annual report

Responsible for long-term maintenance and records management.
Uranium Mill Tailing Remediation Act (UMTRA) map and aerial imagery in Colorado (by county)
Individual site links show aerial photographs of individual management areas.
State wide interactive map to UMTRA sites. Zoom in on map and click on site for more information.