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Environmental cleanup work remaining at the U.S. Air Force Academy is the long-term monitoring of two landfills.

Numerous investigations found groundwater was impacted, with the primary concern being metals contamination (arsenic, iron and manganese) in seep areas:

  • Old Landfill No. 1 (Site 6).
  • Old Landfill No. 2 (Site 7).
  • Asbestos in building demolition:
    • Pine Valley family housing.
    • Douglas Valley housing area.

Historic activities

  • A records search in 1984 identified 10 specific areas for further investigation, and three additional sites were added to the list as new information emerged.
    • Field investigations began at the academy in October 1987.
    • Results of the sampling and monitoring through 1996 led to closeout of the following sites:
      • JP-4 Fuel Release (Site 1).
      • Farish Dredge Material Disposal (Site 2).
      • Farish Landfill (Site 3).
      • Fire Training Area (Site 4).
      • Dredge Material Disposal (Site 5).
      • Sewage Sludge Disposal Area (Site 8).
      • Firing Range (Site 9).
      • Old Visitors Center (Site 10).
      • Civil Engineering Maintenance Yard Runoff Area (Site 11).
      • Drum Disposal Site (Site 12).
      • Golf Course Maintenance (Site 13).

Community involvement

  • The academy published the Community Relations Plan in May 1996, outlining public participation activities.
    • The plan included formation of the Environmental Cooperation Council, the main forum for involvement in academy environmental programs.
    • The council hasn’t met since August 2006.
  • Call Chief Civil Engineering/Environmental Flight at 719-472-4493 or the Office of Public Affairs at 719-472-2569 for more information about community involvement.

Administrative record and information repositories

Documents related to the environmental cleanup at the academy can be accessed at the following locations:


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USAF Academy Library
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