Commissioner Application and Process

Apply to join the Health Equity Commission and Data Advisory Work Group!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Thank you for your interest in contributing to health equity in Colorado. Although the first application cycle is closed, applications are accepted year-round and reviewed quarterly. The second cycle review will begin in June 2024.

The Office of Health Equity is seeking applicants to play an integral role in helping Colorado address health disparities and improve health outcomes across the state. 

Please complete the online application for the Health Equity Commission and/or the Data Advisory Work Group. Applicants may also access a downloadable PDF. Applications will be available all year, and the recruitment subcommittee will review applicants on a quarterly basis. The subcommittee will interview approved candidates and present summaries to the  CDPHE Executive Director, who will make the final appointment. 

The Office of Health Equity will provide applications in the top 3 languages that the office’s Language Justice and Access unit identifies. These languages include Spanish, Arabic, and Somali. All survey demographic questions come directly from the Data Advisory Work Group. 

The office can provide auxiliary aids and services for individuals with disabilities as well as language services for those in need upon request. Please notify CDPHE's Nondiscrimination Coordinator at cdphe_nondiscrimination@state.co.us or 303-692-2102 to submit a request for these services. 

Candidates who the subcommittee selects for interviews should expect to respond to any of the following questions during the interview: 

  • What are the top two inequities impacting your community and what would you do to help resolve those inequities?
  • Please describe a time that you had a bold conversation to challenge a policy or process. What did you learn? 
  • Please describe what the terms health equity and environmental justice mean to you.
  • To what extent has your previous and current experience prioritized justice, equity, and inclusion? How will you bring those lessons here?
  • How will you leverage your position as Health Equity Commission and/or Data Advisory Work Group member to reduce inequities for all Coloradans?
  • What does language Justice mean to you? 
  • Why is data important to the community, public health, and equity?

Mail to:  
Attention: OHE Office Administrator
CDPHE/Office of Health Equity
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
5th FL
Denver, CO 80246-153