HDCGP Training and Technical Assistance

Watch this video (passcode: fV72$s48) created by the PiER Center to learn how to use the Semi-Annual Reporting System.


The CCPD and HD Grant Programs are contracting with the Center for Public Health Practice to provide training and technical assistance. View the list of curated resources.

CCPD and HDGP Grantee Kick-off Meeting: A Time to Learn, Build, Share and Connect
Use the link above to access the materials and resources shared during the meeting. This meeting served as an opportunity for FY19 grantees of CDPHE's CCPD and HDGP to come together to learn, build, share, and connect. Grantees had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with CDPHE staff, technical assistance providers, evaluators and other grantees.

February 22, 2023: Chaffee County Department of Public Health and Environmental Health's "We Are Chaffee" Project

Use the link above to watch the recording. This presentation focuses on storytelling efforts Chaffee County has engaged in with their community members to "bring diverse voices together to recognize commonalities and understand honest differences." We Are Chaffee "brings community-based organizations, nonprofits, cultural institutions and others together in a safe manner to create a more resilient community through the power of storytelling and conversations." The goal is "to build a more compassionate and resilient community through the power of story sharing and engagement."



August 24, 2022: GES Coalition's Group Centers and Center for Health Progress' Organizing for Health Care Accountability

Use the link above to watch the recording. Both presentations focus on building community power through collective leadership. 


May 13, 2020: Two Topics: Understanding the Differences between Advocacy and Lobbying and Community-Led Budgeting
Use the link above to watch the recording. The presentation on Advocacy vs. Lobbying will help grantees understand what types of activities are allowable under the HDGP statue. The presentation on Community-led Budgeting will cover: the purpose, the process, how the process in facilitated, how the community is trained, how the budget is managed, and lessons learned. 
Understanding the Difference between Advocacy and Lobbying

Community-led Budgeting

November 13, 2019: FY20 Policy, Systems & Environmental Change Trainings
Use the link above to watch the recording. This presentation will cover the suite of trainings for HDGP grantees related to policy, systems and environmental change with live training dates and on-demand training launches.
Resource: Presentation slides

February 13, 2019: Recognizing Power, Strategies for Authentic Engagement to Advance Equity
Use the link above to watch the recording. This presentation will cover the basics of equity and inclusion, and discuss ways to form meaningful partnerships with community that recognize their power, knowledge and expertise.
Resource: Authentic Community Engagement to Advance Equity Sweet Tool

November 14, 2018: Collective Capacity Building Tool
Use the link above to watch the recording. The Collective Capacity Building Tool (CCBT) supports community-engaged projects in joint planning and shared decision-making to help advance community engagement and health equity efforts and goals.
Resources: CCBT slidesCCBT tool, and suggestions on how to use the CCBT tool

Recording of the workshop on grassroots community organizing

Workshop panelists: