School lead testing grants

School Kids

The Water Quality Control Division of CDPHE has been awarded funding under the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act to test for lead in drinking water in eligible schools and child care facilities. Funding will be available for local public health agencies and counties to administer this program within their jurisdictions.

The program goals are to (1) reduce children’s lead exposure, (2) provide funding to those unable to pay for testing, (3) use the EPA 3Ts model for best practices, (4) foster sustainable partnerships, and (5) enhance community, parent, and teacher trust.

We are raising awareness of lead risks, testing for lead in drinking water to identify potential lead sources, and taking action to address lead exposure. The results and actions taken will be shared with the public. 

Local public health agencies and counties can apply to administer this program for eligible schools and child care facilities within their jurisdictions. Schools and child care facilities that want their drinking water tested for lead, please contact 
your local public health agency

Map of eligible facilities and participants.
Phase 1 applications are now available.
Phase 1 Application

This phase involves implementing outreach and education on drinking water lead exposure and soliciting participation for lead testing from eligible schools and child care facilities.

Phase 2 Application

This phase involves developing sampling plans for schools and child care facilities, sampling drinking water, submitting the samples for lead testing, and communicating results to the public.  

We encourage you to reach out to express interest and ask questions at: 

Training for sample collection is required. Please review the following: