Conditional closures


The Policy for Conditional Closure of Low -Threat Sites With Residual Ground Water Contamination allows closure of sites where groundwater remains contaminated at levels that exceed the Colorado groundwater standards.


"Closure" in this context means that remediation and groundwater monitoring may cease and that either an Environmental Covenant is placed on the property or, if the site is subject to hazardous waste corrective action, an Alternate Concentration Limit can be set for ground water at the site under the hazardous waste regulations.

Conditional closure under the policy may be proposed by the Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division, site owner/operators or other responsible parties.


Superfund National Priorities List and NPL-caliber sites, as well as regulated units at hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities are ineligible for conditional closure under this policy.


Conditional closure sites

The following sites have been conditionally closed using the Policy for Conditional Closure of Low-Threat Sites with Residual Ground Water Contamination. If you would like more detailed information regarding a site, please submit a request to review our records under the Colorado Open Records Act.

Records review