Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Contacts

Contact Information


Mailing Address:

Child and Adult Care Food Program
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530

Email Address: cacfp@state.co.us

Phone Number: 303-692-2330

Fax Number: 303-756-9926


Naomi Steenson, MS, RD

Naomi Steenson


Program Director

Phone Number: 303-692-2271

Email Address: naomi.steenson@state.co.us

Tanya O'Connor, MS


Tanya O'Connor


Nutrition and Compliance Manager

Phone Number: 303-692-2273

Email Address: tanya.oconnor@state.co.us

Chrissy Nichols, MPH, RD

Chrissy Nichols


Coach and Liaison to the Colorado Department of Early Childhood

Phone Number: 720-667-6293

Email Address: chrissy.nichols@state.co.us

CACFP Nutrition Consultants


Alicia Wagar


Alicia Wagar


Southern Colorado Region Nutrition Consultant and Policy

Phone Number: 719-850-1868

Email Address: alicia.wagar@state.co.us

Kellie Gates, MSN


Kellie Gates


Western Slope Region Nutrition Consultant and Technology

Phone Number: 720-788-8199

Email Address: kellie.gates@state.co.us

Natalie Ostrander, MDA, RDN

Natalie Ostrander


Denver Nutrition Consultant and Training Coordinator

Phone Number: 720-788-8176

Email Address: natalie.ostrander@state.co.us


Amy Thurston, MPH, RDN

Amy Thurston


Denver Nutrition Consultant

Phone Number: 720-315-8917

Email Address: amy.thurston@state.co.us

Arianna (Ari) Antila, MS


Arianna Antila


Denver Nutrition Consultant

Phone Number: 720-788-8201

Email Address: arianna.antila@state.co.us

CACFP Fiscal Team


Katie Roby

Katie Roby


Claims and One-time Exceptions

Email Address: katie.roby@state.co.us

Alonzo Oronia

Alonzo Oronia


Fiscal Administrator

Phone Number: 303-369-2260

Email Address: alonzo.oronia@state.co.us

Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson


Fiscal Compliance Specialist

Phone Number: TBD

Email Address: ashley.thompson@state.co.us

CACFP Ops Team


Julie Pfankuch

Julie Pfankuch


Operations Unit Manager

Phone Number: 303-692-2330

Email Address: julie.pfankuch@state.co.us

Morgan Baker

Morgan Baker


Branch Ops Support Specialist

Phone Number: 303-692-2330

Email Address: morgan.baker@state.co.us