CACFP Information for Child Care Centers


Benefits for Child Care Centers

Who does CACFP serve in child care centers?

  • Infants and children under age 13.
  • Migrant children under age 15.
  • Individuals with disabilities who receive care in in a child care center where most participants are under age 18.

Which child care centers are eligible for CACFP?

  • A 501-c3 nonprofit.
  • A for-profit child care center. For-profit institutions are eligible to participate if 25% of enrolled participants or 25% of the license capacity of the institutions are CCCAP beneficiaries or are eligible for Free and Reduced meals as documented by valid and current Income Eligibility Forms.

Why apply to CACFP?

For child care centers, participation in CACFP:

  • Helps cover the cost of two meals and a snack per child each day that are aligned with licensing rules. Savings can be used for other child care program needs.
  • Offers nutrition education and professional development opportunities for child care center staff.
  • Supports marketing of the program to families who want their children to receive nutritious meals.
  • Can support the cost of staff responsible for carrying out the CACFP program.

For children, participation in CACFP:

  • Exposes them to new, healthy foods.
  • Provides healthy meals so they can learn, thrive, and be curious about the world around them. 
  • Supports their social skills and language development during meal time.

For families, participation in CACFP:

  • Helps them stretch their food resources at home.
  • Supports the healthy development of their children during the critical early years.
  • Provides ideas about different meal choices to try at home.

Child Care Center Printable Brochure in English.

Child Care Center Printable Brochure in Español (Spanish).

Child Care Center Printable Brochure in العربية (Arabic).


How to Apply

If you're interested in starting the CACFP application process, please fill out the intake form. CACFP staff will review your intake form and contact you.

Interested in enrolling under a sponsor? Get in touch with a sponsoring organization.