Colorado Legacy Land public comments


Formal public comments are routinely received regarding decision documents available on the Documents Available for Public Review and Comment page in accordance with the Preferred Document Review and Comment Process. Documents that do not require an Agency decision are not subject to a formal comment period, however, public is welcome to comment on all documents related to the Lincoln Park Superfund Site at any time as informal comments. Please submit your comments to Alex Hedgepath, If you would like to have your comments posted on this page, please indicate so in your comments. 


July 20 - CAG comments on CLL's 2022 annual surety update


December - CAG comments on the revised draft RI report

August 2 - CCAT comments on the annual surety update

August 2 - CAG comments on the annual surety update

July 12 - Public comments on the radioactive materials license amendment 60, condition 16.X - Jeri Fry

May 3 - CAG comments on CLL'S response to the cag's 9/4/2020 TCE final report comments

April 27 - CAG comments on CLL's change in radiation safety officer

April 13 - CAG comments on the Quality Management Plan (QMP)

February 19 - CAG comments on the draft community involvement plan

January 31 - CAG comments on the draft RI report

January 31 - Public comments on the draft RI report - Jeri Fry 


September 4 - CAG comments on the TCE report

August 14 - CAG comments on conceptual site model 2b 

August 3 - CAG comments on 2020 annual surety update

August 3 - CAG comments on draft site-wide uniform federal policy Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)



October 15 - CAG comments on soil excavation and evaporation pond construction work plan

August 13 - CAG comments on 2019 annual surety update

May 3 - CAG comments on TCE removal site evaluation work plan 

February - CAG comments on AOC amendment


November 12 - CAG comments on license amendment request for report consolidation

September 25 - CAG comments on Data Summary Technical Assessment (DSTA), revision 1

September 4 - CAG comments on Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), Revision 1

June 8 - CAG Comments on Quality Management Plan (QMP)


Past CAG comments available for direct download