Cotter/Lincoln Park Community Advisory Group


The CLL CAG meets on the third Tuesday of each month

The Cotter/Lincoln Park Community Advisory Group was established in its current form in 2013. An organized group of community members interested in the Cotter site, it is the focal point for information exchange among community members, the state and EPA about the Cotter site cleanup. The CAG holds regular meetings open to the public, reviews technical information about site cleanup, connects with the community, works with EPA and state officials to determine information needs, and relays information and comments on site issues to state and EPA officials. 


Upcoming meeting information

The next Community Advisory Group meeting will take place on January 17 at 4:00 p.m. (note the updated meeting time). There are several options to participate:

January 17, 2023


    Past Community Advisory Group agendas, summaries, and supporting documents          


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