FY21-25 MCH Priorities - Local


Summary of 2021-25 MCH Priorities & State Strategies
Local action plans

Action plans are customized by agency and shared with each agency individually.


MCH priorities
Increase economic mobility

Increase economic mobility for Colorado families by addressing racial inequities and disparities in our policies, practices, and systems.

Increase prosocial connection

All people can form and maintain healthy individual, family and community-based relationships, throughout life, no matter where they live, learn, work, play or pray.

Reduce racial inequities

Reduce racial inequities in Colorado through policy and systems changes to the MCH program, division and/or department.

Create safe and connected built environments

All Coloradans will have increased access to safe places to walk, bicycle, wheelchair roll, and to create community connections.

Improve access to supports

Increase meaningful access to supports for MCH and families.

Increase social emotional wellbeing

Families across the lifespan have support systems and supportive environments that allow them to thrive.

Promote positive child and youth development

All Colorado children and youth have developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive relationships, and have access to the environments and opportunities they need to physically and emotionally thrive.