Director of the CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division recognized as a national leader on climate policy

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DENVER (April 17, 2024): CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division Director Michael Ogletree has been selected as one of Green Biz’s 2024 Climate Policy Heroes . The list includes 15 figures nationwide that have demonstrated leadership in addressing climate change. Director Ogletree made the list after being nominated by peers who work in climate policy.

“I’m honored to serve the people of Colorado and receive this recognition,” said CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division Director Michael Ogletree. “Colorado has been a national and global leader in developing innovative strategies to address climate change for at least the last decade. Tackling climate change takes all hands on deck, and this award is a reflection of hard work from everyone at the air division. It can be challenging work, and my team has repeatedly proven that we’re up to the task. I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.”

“Through his leadership at the air division, Michael Ogletree and his team have shown what’s possible when we all work together to think about unique solutions to climate problems. It takes conversations with technical experts, industry, community members, and more,” said CDPHE Director of Environmental Health and Protection Trisha Oeth. “Climate change is about more than policies; it’s about people, and climate change impacts people differently depending on where they live. The air division thinks critically about how to protect our climate while prioritizing protections for Coloradans who are most impacted. This recognition proves that others are looking to Colorado’s leadership and talent.”

The air division’s work to address climate change is part of several initiatives that Director Ogletree highlighted in a recent article covering wide-reaching achievements ahead of Earth Day 2024. Director Ogletree has overseen numerous projects during his time at CDPHE, including expanding air monitoring across Colorado, modernizing data processes and public access to information, enhancing community engagement, and developing new rule proposals for consideration by the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission. The division has championed many major actions since early 2023 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These actions include:

  • Colorado Clean Cars, as adopted in October 2023. 
    • These standards will expand access to low- and zero-emission light-duty vehicles and reduce tailpipe emissions of greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Management for Manufacturing Phase 2, as adopted in September 2023.
    • These requirements apply to 18 of the largest air pollution sources in Colorado. The rule will ensure they incrementally reduce greenhouse gas emissions over time, while prioritizing air quality protections in local communities. 
  • First-ever round of selected projects for CDPHE’s clean vehicle grant programs, as announced in August 2023.
    • These two grant programs offer funding for electric school buses and low- and zero-emission fleet vehicles that help protect air quality. CDPHE will reopen both programs for applications again in 2024.
  • Building Performance Standards, as adopted in August 2023.
    • These standards will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from large buildings across Colorado. Buildings are one of Colorado’s top five sources of greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Greenhouse Gas Intensity Verification, as adopted in July 2023.
    • These measures are the first of their kind in the world. They will ensure oil and gas operations are accurately accounting for their greenhouse gas emissions while reducing them to meet new standards. 
  • Colorado Clean Trucks, as adopted in April 2023.
    • These standards will ensure more low- and zero-emission truck options are available in Colorado and reduce tailpipe emissions of greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants.

The air division prioritizes engaging Coloradans in its climate work, elevating their voices and values. For example, the division has helped facilitate access to legal representation for community groups that want to get involved in rulemakings related to climate change. The division has several more projects in the works, and community feedback continues to inform new proposals. Explore upcoming opportunities to get involved on the division’s public participation web page. The division updates the web page regularly and shares email updates on new public participation opportunities.  


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