Learning Opportunities


The MCH Workforce Development team supports individuals and teams through various learning opportunities.  These learning opportunities focus on  access to new knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities. Our strategies include training, consultation, coaching and communities of practice. 

  • Training: We share our content expertise.  The learning opportunity is focused on shared language, knowledge gain and skill development. 

  • Consultation: Together we share expertise in content and context.  We support the implementation of this shared language, new knowledge and skills within any specific context.  We do this through visioning, brainstorming, and problem solving. 

  • Coaching: You are the expert.  Through facilitated conversation, we support you in being aware of, and addressing, attitudes and mindsets - those that both help and hinder the adoption and/or implementation of new knowledge and skills.  

  • Communities of Practice:  Collectively you are the expert.  Related to specific areas of focus, we create spaces for you to be with your colleagues to learn from, and grow with, one another as you deepen your abilities to integrate and operationalize change within your team, community and organization.


Examples of workshops/presentations:
  • Foundations: Community Inclusion 101

  • A Stress-Responsive Approach to Uncomfortable Conversations/Conflict

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0 assessment and facilitation of results)

  • Finding your Why

  • Coaching Skills for Supervisors

  • Foundations: Racial Equity 

  • Foundations: Moving Upstream

  • Intersection between Adolescent Development & Racial Equity


If you’re not sure what you need, how to utilize the resources we’ve shared, or haven’t found what you need, please connect with the MCH Workforce Team. We’re here to support you and have additional tools to share.

For quick questions, email us at cdphe_mchworkforce@state.co.us
For coaching, consultation, training or support with identifying workforce needs, submit a Workforce Development Request.