MCH Workforce Development

Who We Are: We are MCH influencers who provide learning opportunities, resources and infrastructure to develop, influence and support MCH Staff and partners in courageously pursuing systems change through strategic skills development and integration of the MCH strategic anchors. 


Who We Work With: We support state and local MCH staff and our partners who work with, and alongside, the MCH population


What Values We Uphold: We are committed to Leading Courageously, Nurturing Creativity, Centering on Our Shared Humanity, Seeking Authentic Connections, and Learning and Growing. Learn more about our values in action


Our Approach to Workforce Development:

In order to courageously pursue systems change and create an environment conducive to learning, we need to prioritize building a culture of care and belonging. To do this our collective workforce efforts will focus on three areas:

  1. Re-Shaping the Environment - identifying, developing and implementing systemic and sustainable practices that are trauma-informed, stress responsive and staff-resilient. When staff feel cared for, and the environments they are working in reinforce emotional regulation and healing, their capacity to navigate change, learn and innovate expands.
  2. Learning to Lead with a New Lens - our MCH priorities and the shift in how we work, with whom we work and where we work, now requires the adoption of new knowledge and skills.  This knowledge and skill development is grounded in Human-Centered Skills and the 3 MCH Strategic Anchors of: Racial Equity, Moving Upstream and Community Inclusion.
  3. Cultivating Climate and Culture Change - integrating new knowledge and skills into new and existing programs, practices and policies.  Our ability to put into practice new knowledge and skills is what will lead to effective and sustainable change.