MCH Workforce Development

Who We Are: We are MCH influencers who provide learning opportunities, resources and infrastructure to develop, influence and support MCH Staff and partners in courageously pursuing systems change through strategic skills development and integration of the MCH strategic anchors. 

Who We Work With: We support state and local MCH staff and our partners who work with, and alongside, the MCH population.


What Values We Uphold: We are committed to Leading Courageously, Nurturing Creativity, Centering on Our Shared Humanity, Seeking Authentic Connections, and Learning and Growing. Learn more about our values in action.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Racial Equity
  2. Community Inclusion
  3. Moving Upstream
  4. Trauma-Informed and Stress Responsive Systems
  5. Human-Centered Skills - Regulation, Navigating Change, Team Development/Coaching/Cohesion, and (coming soon) Facilitation and Persuasive Communication.
  6. Individual and Team Assessments: Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), Intercultural Conflict Styles (ICS), Gallups Strengths-Finder, Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0)


If you’re not sure what you need, how to utilize the resources we’ve shared, or haven’t found what you need, please connect with the MCH Workforce Team. We’re here to support you and have additional tools to share.

For quick questions, email us at cdphe_mchworkforce@state.co.us
For coaching, consultation, training or support with identifying workforce needs, submit a Workforce Development Request.