PFAS Discharge Permit Survey


In order to better understand the risks of PFAS going into Colorado’s surface waters and groundwater, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Water Quality Control Division (division) is conducting a survey of facilities who are permitted to release treated wastewater, water used for manufacturing, and other similar activities into local waterways. We call these entities discharge permittees. 
All permittees were required to complete the survey by August 24, 2020. If you haven’t done so yet, please complete your survey here
The survey asks about permittees’ use and storage of certain products containing PFAS, including Class B firefighting foam. Unless the division grants an individual extension, permittees must return the survey by the deadline. Discharge permittees don’t have to monitor or sample for PFAS at this time but their facility contact must fill out and submit the survey. 


Survey Results
PFAS Survey Results

This survey was sent via email to our contacts for every permit EXCEPT for those under the following permits: 

     COG070000 – Construction Dewatering Discharges
     COG080000 – Discharges from Short-term Construction Dewatering Activities
     COG315000 - Remediation Activities Discharging To Surface Water
     COG316000 - Remediation Activities Discharging To Groundwater
     COG317000 - Short-Term Remediation Activities
     COG318000 - Long-Term Remediation Activities
     COG603000 - Subterranean Dewatering and Well Development
     COG608000 - Well Development Discharges to Surface Water
     COR400000 – Construction Stormwater

If you are a permit contact for any other permit, you should have received a survey. If you didn’t get a survey and you should have, please:

  1. Fill out the PFAS discharger survey before August 24 if possible. Please reach out to if you need more time. 

  2. Review this list of all of the permittees that we sent the survey to. Please check that all your contact information is correct. 

  • If our information is outdated, please submit a change of contact form with the correct information. Due to COVID-19, you do NOT need to provide an ink signature and mail in a hard copy. Instead, you can use a digital signature and email it to

  • If our information has a typo, please email 

  • If the information in our spreadsheet is correct but you didn’t get the email, it may have gotten caught in your spam inbox.

  • If your facility is missing altogether from our list, please email 

  • This survey notification may have been sent to multiple individuals in your organization. Please collaborate internally to submit one response for each discharge permit. We are requesting that the facility contact complete the survey. 

  • The results of the survey will be public and may be shared with nearby public water systems. 

  • The division may also contact you with follow-up questions regarding your answers. 

  • A failure to respond to the survey may be considered a violation of your permit(s) Duty To Provide Information clause, and may be grounds for requiring your facility to engage in future monitoring for PFAS.

  • If you cannot respond to the survey by this deadline, please reach out to us immediately to request an extension.


We will use this information to help us to better understand PFAS use in the state, risks to state waters, and to determine if PFAS monitoring is needed for specific permits or specific categories of permittees. We will also share relevant information with public drinking water systems, public health agencies, department divisions, and other state agencies. 

Permittees have to fill out and submit this survey because their permit requires them to provide information to the division when asked. In legal terms, permittees are required to submit a response to this survey under their permit’s “duty to provide information” provision. This provision requires that permittees furnish to the division, within a reasonable time, any information which the division may request to determine whether cause exists for modifying, revoking and reissuing, or terminating this permit, or to determine compliance with this permit. 

We’ve prepared some basic information sheets for permittees. 

NOTE: You cannot save the survey in the middle of filling it out. Review the questions linked below and prepare your answers before starting.

The map below shows the locations of facilities that reported on the PFAS survey they have the potential for PFAS passthrough and/or use or store AFFF or class B firefighting foam or other PFAS-containing materials. 

  • The locations of the facilities were based on the latitude and longitude coordinates listed on their department permits. THIS MAY NOT REFLECT THE ACTUAL LOCATION OF THE FACILITY OR PERMIT LOCATION. For example, the municipal storm sewer permit usually covers the entire city area. The latitude and longitude may reflect the center of that area or is located near the permitted area. 
  • To view more information about a particular facility, click on the marker. 

Link to webmap:

Note: ArcGIS software has a character limit on what can be displayed. Use this metadata sheet to understand what each row means when you select a point to view more information about it. The character limit cuts off some of the words in longer responses submitted for the survey, but the spreadsheet containing the full responses can be found here.

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Julia Young |

970-363-4912 | PFAS Permitting Survey Coordinator