Carrying, storing, and discharging firearms

There are restrictions established in state law related to how Coloradans may carry, store, and use firearms. 

The Colorado Constitution does not establish the right to carry concealed weapons. However, state law allows Coloradans to apply for a conceal-and-carry license (C.R.S. §1-13-724). State laws regulate when, where, and how firearms can be carried and discharged. Colorado state law outlines how firearms should be stored to prevent unauthorized access and create the offense of unlawful storage punishable with a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Applicable state laws

Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) are posted on the Colorado Legal Resources Public Access Website.


The Vote Without Fear Act: C.R.S. §1-13-724 (HB22-1086)

  • Prohibits openly carrying firearms at voting locations, central count facilities, and within 100 feet of ballot drop boxes during ongoing election activities.
  • The designated election official must display a sign notifying persons of the 100-foot no-open-carry zone for firearms.
  • Exceptions for individuals who own private property within the 100-foot buffer zone, peace officers in the line of duty, and uniformed security guards under contractual agreements.
  • Openly carrying a firearm inside or within 100 feet of restricted areas is a misdemeanor.

Safe Storage of Firearms: C.R.S. §18-12-114 (HB21-1106)

  • Requires secure storage of firearms when not in use to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Creates the offense of unlawful storage of a firearm if a firearm is stored in a way that allows access by unsupervised juveniles or ineligible residents.
  • Unlawful storage of a firearm is a Class 2 misdemeanor.
  • Licensed firearm dealers must provide a locking device with each firearm sold or transferred.
  • Transferring a firearm without a locking device is an unclassified misdemeanor with a maximum $500 fine.
  • State court administrator to report annually on charges related to unsafe firearms storage.