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Colorado Gun Violence Prevention Resource Bank



Welcome to the Colorado Gun Violence Prevention Resource Bank, a website where all Coloradans can learn about firearm injury and its prevention in our state. 

This website is intended to be a resource for individuals and communities to understand what firearm injury and violence look like in Colorado—and to explore solutions and approaches, informed by research, that may reduce the overall burden of firearm injuries and deaths.

Guiding Principles

The Resource Bank uses a public health approach to address firearm injury in Colorado. This approach is grounded in the following guiding principles:

Respect for all Coloradans

Respect the variety of experiences, values, and views of Coloradans surrounding firearms when working together to prevent injury and death. 

Understanding the Problem

Understand the impact of firearm injury across all Colorado communities by gathering and analyzing relevant data, sharing knowledge, and actively seeking the perspectives and insights of those directly impacted by the issue.


Engage individuals and organizations from diverse backgrounds, professional fields, and locations to address firearm injuries. By collaborating and sharing their experiences and expertise, these groups can bring unique perspectives to a complex issue and work towards a comprehensive solution. This collaborative effort can result in considerable progress toward reducing firearm injuries across all regions and demographics in Colorado.

Identifying What Works

Adopt and integrate solutions supported by evidence to best prevent all types of firearm harms.  


Provide unbiased information rooted in research to build trust with diverse partners.


Use an approach that recognizes the disproportionate impact of firearm injury across Colorado and works to identify and address underlying risk factors and systemic inequities contributing to firearm injury.