Fact sheets

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What is the background check process to purchase a firearm in Colorado?

Background checks are an important step in preventing those ineligible of ownership from gaining access to firearms.

How can Community Violence Intervention reduce firearm violence?

Community violence intervention uses a comprehensive set of strategies and credible messengers.


Am I allowed to conceal carry a firearm in Colorado?

Conceal carry is permitted in Colorado for residents & eligible non-residents with the required permits and meeting the necessary criteria.

What are Extreme Risk Protection Orders & how are they being used in Colorado?

Extreme Risk Protection Orders are often called "Red Flag Laws" or "protection orders".


What are the options for secure firearm storage in my home?

Secure storage can prevent access by unauthorized users.

Can a domestic violence restraining order prevent someone from having a firearm?

Some types of restraining or civil protection orders prevent people from buying or possessing firearms and ammunition.


What are the options for storing firearms temporarily out of my home?

Firearm owners may want to temporarily store their guns away from home for many reasons.

How do firearm injury and death impact different populations?

Firearm injury and deaths occur across the age span among all demographic groups.


What is the safe storage law in Colorado?

Secure firearm storage is essential for responsible ownership, preventing theft, accidents, and unauthorized use.

Can youth own firearms in Colorado?

Colorado youth may possess a firearm in certain instances, but cannot purchase one until they reach a certain age.


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Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs)

ERPOs are civil court orders that temporarily remove firearms from a person’s possession and prevent them from legally purchasing, or otherwise receiving a firearm while the order is in effect.