Gun Violence Prevention Grant Program

CDPHE  Office of Gun Violence Prevention Grant Program

The Office of Gun Violence Prevention (OGVP) within the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CPDHE) 2024 application process for OGVP Grant Program RFA # 22358264 closed at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 17, 2024. 

2024 grantees will be announced.

Prior Grantees

The Office of Gun Violence Prevention provided $550,000 in grant funding to support community-based gun violence prevention initiatives throughout Colorado. The funds from this grant program will be used for education, training, and community programs that will promote and support responsible gun ownership practices, safe storage, awareness of existing laws, and mental health and substance use resources.


Bridge to Justice, Boulder, CO

The organization’s attorneys serve as a free and confidential legal resource for individuals who want to file for an Extreme Risk Protection Order. Bridge to Justice also trains attorneys across Colorado to provide similar services.

Colorado Ceasefire, Denver, CO

Ceasefire Colorado educates the public about Extreme Risk Protection Orders via news media, building communities on social media, and delivering in-person ERPO training events across the state.

Colorado "I Have A Dream" Foundation, Denver, CO

The foundation serves over 180 youth aged 7 through 18 in the Green Valley Ranch, Montbello, and Westwood neighborhoods who receive academic enrichment, mental health services, and social-emotional learning support in order to lessen the likelihood of youth involvement in gun violence. 

Community Health Partnership/Teller County Mental Health Alliance, Teller County, CO

The alliance will host five workshops through its "Safe Homes, Safer Families" program, which include talks from local gun violence prevention speakers and raffles for gun safes/locks.

Community Pearl / Southwest Vida, Denver, CO

This youth-led, youth leadership team is focused on gun violence prevention efforts in Southwest Denver. Young people cultivate writing skills while discussing issues like youth violence, bullying, and substance misuse in a local magazine. Participants also develop public speaking skills while presenting at youth-led community events.

Denver Center for 21st Century Learning, Denver, CO

The organization’s Colorado Music Bridge program provides an organized, modern, inclusive curriculum utilizing keyboards, voice, and applications such as songwriting and recording as a means to reduce the likelihood that community members will become involved in gun violence.

Denver Center for International Studies at Baker, Denver, CO

The school will purchase and distribute gun locks, facilitate community presentations on safe storage and Extreme Risk Protection Orders, teach students healthy conflict resolution skills, and produce high-quality instructional materials designed for educators.

Denver Health and Hospital Authority, Denver, CO

DHHA will procure gun safety locks and firearm lockboxes for patients, produce training materials for health care providers, and create safety education materials for patients.

District Attorney's Office 20th Judicial District, Boulder, CO

The office will provide pro bono legal services around Extreme Risk Protection Orders and will distribute trigger locks, care locks, and gun safes to increase the adoption of safe storage practices within the 20th Judicial District.

Families Against Violent Acts, Denver, CO

FAVA will host three social-emotional workshops for youth (20 youth per workshop), 12 grief support groups averaging 35 unique individuals, two holistic wellness group sessions, and two gun violence prevention workshops for 25 youth per workshop. Additionally, they will host the Heal The Hood-Violence Prevention Community Event with 900 community members expected to attend.

From The Heart Foundation, Denver, CO

The foundation will deliver a 12-week “Mental Health And Wellness” Program for young men and women between ages 8-12 and a similar course designed for young men and women ages 13 and older. From the Heart will also produce two videos to spread awareness of gun violence prevention resources. 

Gang Rescue and Support Project, Denver, CO

Denver youth program Gang Rescue and Support Project (GRASP) will conduct a peer-run intervention program for male participants of color ages 13-24 who are at-risk of gang involvement or are presently active in gangs.

Gunnison County Substance Abuse Prevention Project (GCSAPP), Gunnison, CO

The community coalition will provide youth and family trainings around suicide prevention projects and grow the Gunnison Middle School Sources of Strength program, which helps in the prevention of suicide, violence, bullying, and substance abuse through training, education and support. The coalition will also distribute free gun locks with safe storage and mental health resource materials to community members.

Kids Above Everything, Denver, CO 

The media arts mentorship program supports youth by providing mental health services and social-emotional-based afterschool programming to lessen the likelihood of involvement with gun violence.

Legacy Foundation For Family and Community Development, Denver, CO

The collective will develop suicide prevention, social-emotional intelligence development, conflict resolution skills, grief management, resilience development and pro-social programming for youth and families in order to lessen the likelihood of community member involvement in gun violence.

Lincoln County Public Health, Hugo, CO

Lincoln County Public Health will host an educational event for the region about gun safety and best practices for the storage of firearms. Training will be provided for law enforcement, health care workers, educators, school administrators, and other priority community partners to learn more about suicide prevention and grief management.

Make a Chess Move, Denver, CO 

MACM will host “Youth Safe Zone Workshops” to research and propose solutions for youth gun violence. The organization will then conduct additional events to implement those solutions at a community level.

Mind Springs Health, Grand Junction, CO 

The Western Slope’s largest provider of behavioral health services will provide gun locks and gun safes to high-need areas in order to promote safe storage best practices in Colorado households.

Moffat County Public Health, Craig, CO 

Moffat County Public Health will conduct hunter safety courses and distribute gun locks and safes to community members.

North Range Behavioral Health, Greeley, CO 

North Range Behavioral Health will distribute gun safes to residents in order to increase safe storage practices.

Odd Duck LLC, Keystone, CO (website in development)

Odd Duck will distribute gun locks and safes to approved local community organizations in order to increase safe storage practices in the Keystone area.

Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership, Colorado Springs, CO

The organization conducts Safe Homes, Safer Firearm Safety workshops to provide education regarding how safe storage can help prevent suicide, evidence-based gatekeeper suicide prevention, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and suicide prevention resources. The partnership also facilitates a Youth Violence Prevention program providing recreational activities to teens, facilitated by men with lived experience with gun violence. 

Poudre School District Mental Health Team, Fort Collins, CO

The district will distribute gun locks and safes to community members with school-aged children.

Shoot Indoors, Denver, CO 

The indoor shooting range will provide 14 free gun safety classes for community members.

Sims-Fayola Foundation, Aurora, CO

The foundation will provide youth of color with programming that has a social-emotional focus to increase community involvement and academic success while lessening the likelihood of youth involvement in gun violence.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Denver, CO 

The church will distribute 450 trigger locks during two community events.

Struggle of Love Foundation, Denver, CO

The foundation will distribute 400 gun locks while hosting an educational outreach event and will implement a 12-week violence interruption program for underprivileged youth and families.

Suicide Prevention Coalition of Eagle Valley doing business as SpeakUp ReachOut, Eagle, CO 

The coalition will implement a comprehensive paid radio, newsprint, digital, poster, media, and event tabling campaign featuring the Colorado Gun Shop Project and safe and responsible gun ownership / safe storage best practices. 

The Road Called STRATE, Aurora, CO 

The nonprofit organization will provide intensive case management to 100 community members at risk of involvement with gun violence by providing services necessary for success, including youth counseling, GED preparation classes, employment training, mental wellness services, substance misuse resources, and assistance with overcoming obstacles to employment.

Thriving Families, Denver, CO 

The organization offers programs that support women, children, and their families during pregnancy and just after a baby is born – a critical period of development in a child’s life. They will create and provide training to program members on how to refer people to needed mental health and substance use treatment services, including suicide prevention, social-emotional intelligence development, conflict resolution skills, grief management, and resilience development. They will also educate families about safe and responsible gun ownership, including safe storage and the process for requesting an Extreme Risk Protection Order.