Colorado Firearm Data Dashboard

The Colorado Firearm Data Dashboard is an interactive data visualization tool that utilizes a variety of data to examine firearm injury and death, firearm use, and policy implementation throughout Colorado. By providing free and easy access to these data, the Resource Bank hopes to support the development of evidence-based approaches to reduce firearm-related injuries and deaths in Colorado.

With the dashboard, users can easily access and examine a wide range of data on all types of deaths and injuries resulting from firearms. The tool also allows users to examine estimates of firearm ownership rates and policies at both the state and county levels.

For more information on the dashboard's functionality and data sources, please refer to the "About the Colorado Firearm Data Dashboard" web page or the "About This Data Source" section within each dashboard page. For more information on data definitions, functionality, data sources, or data requests, please email ogvp.resourcebank@cuanschutz.edu.