Acute treatment units


Patients are people in need of short-term, acute psychiatric care but who don't require inpatient hospitalization. The services provided are intensive and individualized services, such as crisis management and stabilization, in a secured residential setting. Nurses, social workers, professional counselors are teh license staff who are routinely on-site.

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Joint agency oversight

We issue licenses on the basis of program approval from the Department of Human Services (DHS) and compliance with our regulations. The facility must be designated to initiate an involuntary hold on a person with a mental illness (also termed "27-65 designation").

DHS Division of Mental Health (303-866-7400) oversees the clinical and treatment components, these include: Admission and discharge, Staffing, Treatment Medical records, Client rights. 

Our Health Facilities’ Acute team ensures facility compliance with non-clinical and physical plant requirements:
Emergency preparedness, infection control, dietary services, linen and laundry services, interior and exterior environment, fire safety.