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Suicide prevention commission

laptop in foreground, people gathered in background meeting

Suicide is a community issue. Research has shown that individuals are less likely to attempt suicide or to die by suicide in communities that support, care for, and affirm all of their members. The goal of the Suicide Prevention Commission is to help build such a community across Colorado, ending the loss of life to this preventable cause.

The Suicide Prevention Commission (or the Commission) was created by Senate Bill 2014-088. The Commission exists to provide public (government) and private (businesses and non-governmental organizations) leadership for suicide prevention in Colorado. The Commission sets our state’s priorities for suicide prevention and recommends suicide prevention strategies that are supported by data, by the lived experiences of people whose lives have been impacted by suicide—including people who have attempted suicide or lost a loved one to suicide, by professionals working across Colorado in multiple fields, and by leading national suicide prevention organizations. The Commission also advises the Office of Suicide Prevention at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to make sure that our state’s efforts to prevent suicide meet the needs of all Coloradoans.

Suicide impacts individuals of every race, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and ability in Colorado. At the Commission, we are committed to equity. We deserve suicide prevention efforts that not only protect all people in Colorado, but also ones that address the roots of the issues that place us at risk of suicide.


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