Office of Suicide Prevention Funding Opportunities

Gun Shop Project RFP

Solicitation Number: RFP 2024000073
Solicitation Name: Colorado Gun Shop Project

Please be advised that the Colorado Vendor Self-Service (VSS) website is the official site for all solicitation information, including addenda and modifications. There is no cost to register on Colorado VSS. To become a registered supplier on VSS, please visit colorado.gov/vss. Open solicitations can be viewed on the colorado.gov/vss website.

  • Vendors
    Vendors do not need to be registered to view the bid documents. Vendors may click on the ”Public Access” button located on the left menu and then use the search feature to locate specific solicitations.
  • Offerors
    Offerors must have a current registration on VSS in order to be awarded under this solicitation.
  • Single Point of Contact
    The single point of contact for this solicitation is Allan Smith. Please email Allan.smith@state.co.us with all correspondence concerning this RFP.

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