Suicide investigation form

In an effort to standardize investigations of, and reports on, the cause and contributors to suicide deaths, we have collaborated with organizations that investigate deaths, suicide prevention experts and behavioral health experts to develop a standardized suicide investigation form and data collection tool for suicide death investigations.

Updated for 2022! We received feedback and worked to improve the flow and formatting of this form to make it a more usable tool to gather information. If you have ideas for improvement or catch any typos we missed, please let us know at CDPHE_SuicidePrevention@state.co.us

Coroner’s Offices and Medical Examiners interested in utilizing the form are encouraged to request funding through the Office of Suicide Prevention! 


Using the form

The Suicide Death Investigation Form was designed to be used at multiple stages of the death investigation process and is used as follows:

  • Capture complementary information, including a summary of events, decedent's history, and information supporting the final cause and manner of death.
  • To be completed by the on-scene investigator to guide the type of information captured through interviews and scene review.
  • Used as an addendum to the death investigation.
  • Can be completed during or after the investigation, on paper, or as an Adobe PDF.

Download detailed instructions, including a flow chart showing where the form fits into the death investigation process.

Submitting the form

A completed Suicide Death Investigation Form is meant to serve as an accompanying document to the official physiological reports on death, including but not limited to autopsy reports, toxicology reports, and death certificates. It should be sent with these reports through the channels currently in use.

Any records received by CDPHE are stored securely and will not be released by CDPHE to outside parties.

Why use this form?

  • The Value of Data message from Colorado's Office of Suicide Prevention will help you understand the value of collecting data.
Importance of the Suicide Death Investigation Form:
  • It contains vital information about risk factors and life circumstances that contributed to the suicide death.
  • It plays a direct role in efforts to prevent suicide deaths.
  • It brings together multi‐disciplinary partners who play a role in reducing suicide.
  • It will produce long-term information for local, state and nationwide experts and researchers to develop and implement evidence-based suicide prevention programs.
  • It is a tool to guide novice and expert investigators in collecting information important to suicide prevention efforts.
  • It standardizes the collection of suicide information and helps reduce biases in death investigations.
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