Sex/Gender Designation Changes

This type of Sex/Gender Designation Change is different from when misinformation is recorded during the filing of the original birth certificate.
To request a Sex/Gender Designation change to your birth certificate, please submit the following in person or by mail:
3. Non-refundable processing fee(s).
4. A completed Sex/Gender Designation form OR Certified copy of a court order indicating the Sex/Gender has been changed via surgical procedure.
5. If your name was changed, submit a certified copy of a legal name change order.

Board of Health Rule covering Sex/Gender Designation Changes, please refer to "5 CCR 1006-1, Vital Statistics".


The State Registrar shall change the Sex/Gender Designation pursuant to a request made under Section 5.5(C)(2) only once during an individual's lifetime. Any further amendment to the Sex/Gender Designation on a birth record or certificate requires a court order pursuant to Section 5.5(C)(1).