Correct or change a birth certificate

Current processing times

We are currently processing birth certificate changes or corrections received on or before:



Processing time for correction requests: 45-60 business days from the date received.

By mail

To request a correction or change to a birth certificate, you must submit the following:



Our office is open to the public by appointment only. You must schedule an appointment in advance, no walk-in services will be available. Appointments are opened on the 1st of every month until filled. Availability may change daily, and additional appointments may become available due to cancellations.


Examples of change services


To change given name on a birth certificate of a person younger than 1 year, send a completed and signed birth certificate correction form as outlined above.

To change the given name on a birth certificate of a person older than 1 year, contact your local county court to obtain a certified copy of a legal name change order before submitting the birth certificate correction form. The legal name change form can be downloaded from the Colorado State Judicial Branch.

Add a father/second parent to a birth certificate

To add a father/second parent to a birth certificate where a father/second parent is not currently listed, complete and submit the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Parentage form | In Spanish.

Remove a father/second parent from a birth certificate

To remove a father's/second parent's name from a birth certificate, you must submit a copy of certified court documents showing paternity/parentage determination with a completed data worksheet for the new birth certificate.

Court-determined paternity/parentage documents are required to add, remove or change a father's/second parent's name on a birth certificate when another individual is shown as the parent of the child on the original certificate.

A new certificate may be prepared only when a determination of paternity/parentage is made by a court of competent jurisdiction or following adoption. A divorce decree is not acceptable evidence regarding paternity/parentage.

Report of paternity/parentage determination (for court use only).

Certified copies of acknowledgement of parentage

A certified copy of the acknowledgement of parentage can be used as evidence to establish paternity/parentage for agencies such as the Social Security Administration.


The birth certificate correction form cannot be used to add/remove a father/second parent to/from the birth certificate

This type of sex/gender designation change is different from when misinformation is recorded during the filing of the original birth certificate.

To request a sex/gender designation change to your birth certificate, please submit the following in person or by mail:

  1. Completed Birth Certificate Correction Form | In Spanish
  2. Copy of your identification.
  3. Non-refundable processing fee(s).
  4. A completed Sex/Gender Designation form OR Certified copy of a court order indicating the Sex/Gender has been changed via surgical procedure.
  5. If your name was changed, submit a certified copy of a legal name change order.

Board of Health Rule covering sex/gender designation changes, please refer to "5 CCR 1006-1, Vital Statistics".


The State Registrar shall change the sex/gender designation pursuant to a request made under Section 5.5(C)(2) only once during an individual's lifetime. Any further amendment to the sex/gender designation on a birth record or certificate requires a court order pursuant to Section 5.5(C)(1).