Completed Natural Resource restoration

Cotter/Lincoln Park

The State of Colorado recovered $1 million for injuries to natural resources resulting from a hazardous substance release at the Canon City uranium mill, also referred to as the Cotter/Lincoln Park Superfund Site

The National Resource Trustees funded 16 restoration projects, including property acquisitions, easement purchases, wetland expansion, and other restoration activities.

Asarco Globe Smelter

The State of Colorado obtained $1 million from Asarco, Inc. for the restoration of natural resources injured as a result of the operations from the Asarco Globe Smelter Plant, located in Commerce City, Colorado. 

The state used these funds towards the purchase of the Heller property, which was part of the Asarco Plant annex dating back to the 1940s. 
After the state finished cleaning up the property, the City and County of Denver restored the property into a park, which is now used as a natural wildlife viewing area and ball fields. Additionally, the state used funds to plant native trees and shrubbery around the Washington Street and 51st Avenue areas.

Eagle Mine

The State of Colorado recovered $1.7 million in natural resource damages as a result of operations at the Eagle Mine Superfund Site that released hazardous substances from its mining operations. The Eagle Mine Natural Resource Damage Fund provided for restoration in the Eagle River watershed, including improvement of river segments through the Town of Minturn and through Edwards, a conservation easement at the headwaters area, and improvements to the Eagle River Preserve and the Gypsum State Wildlife Area.


Jennifer Talbert
Federal Facilities Remediation & Restoration Unit Leader