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Colorado Health and Environmental Data (CHED)

Starting point for accessing our health and environmental data, statistics, maps, and other products


Visual Information System for Identifying Opportunities and Needs.Chronic disease and behavioral health measures. Prioritized and presented with interactive data visualizations.

Data Request System

Request public health data, including maternal and child health, and adolescent and adult data, to support research, programs, and policies that may help protect Colorado communities.

Colorado Health Information Dataset (CoHID)

Query data sets, birth data, death data, population estimates, behavioral risk factors, birth defect data, cancer incidents data, pregnancy risk assessments, and injury hospitalizations data.

Colorado Environmental Public Health Tracking

Data on environmental hazards, exposures, and health effects.

Maps and GIS for health and environment

Download data in GIS format, connect to published maps, publish maps and data on ArcGIS.com, Colorado Health Maps blog.