Maps and GIS for health and environment

Open data environmental health website
Find environmentally related, health outcome, socio-demographic, risk behavior, air quality control and more.
Download in GIS and non-GIS format.
Community health equity map
Maps of important Colorado health, demographic and economic indicators.
Community level estimates
Fourteen important health condition and risk behaviors available at census tract levels.
Colorado environmental cleanup maps and GIS data
Locate dumps, landfills, cleanups, Superfund sites, and other waste management
sites, as well as hazardous waste producing locations.
Colorado environmental cleanup sites search (map application)
Search for sites near your chosen location. Voluntary cleanup, covenants, institutional controls,
UMTRA, Brownfield, Superfund and NPL.
Colorado Environmental Public Health Tracking 

A web-based surveillance system that features health and environmental data.

"Colorado Environmental Public Health Tracking Program" (Colorado Tracking).
VISION-Visual Information System for Identifying Opportunities
View important chronic disease and behavioral health measures in Colorado updated as it becomes available.
Water quality GIS data
Information about surface waters of Colorado.