Order an original birth certificate

We maintain original birth certificates only for individuals born in Colorado. If you were born outside the state, contact the state vital records office where you were born to find out how to get your original birth certificate.
Who may access an adoptee's original birth certificate
  • Adult adoptee (18 or older).
  • Adoptive parent of a minor adoptee.
  • Custodial grandparent or a minor adoptee.
  • A birth parent who relinquished a child for adoption and whose termination of the parent-child legal relationship was not the result of a dependency and neglect action.
  • Legal representative of any such individual.
Who may access an adoptee’s original birth certificate with notarized written consent of the adult adoptee:
  • Spouse of an adult adoptee.
  • Adoptive parent of an adult adoptee.
  • Sibling/half sibling.
  • Adult descendant of an adult adoptee.
  • Grandparent of an adult adoptee.
  • The legal representative of any such individual.
If the adoptee or birth parent(s) are deceased, records are open to eligible parties.