Environmental Leadership Program

Overview of the program

The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is a statewide program that recognizes and awards organizations in Colorado that go beyond compliance with environmental regulations by advancing sustainability in Colorado. Our goal is to support organizations in Colorado in increasing the efficiency and sustainability of their operation through assessing opportunities for growth, recognizing success, and providing connections to like-minded businesses throughout the State. There are three levels: gold, silver and bronze.
An overview of the Environmental Leadership program and a list of ELP members:

Company profiles

See which companies are part of the program: 2021 ELP Company Profiles

2021 24K Gold Award.

2021 New Member Introductions.

A song composed by local musician Chris Webb for the ELP: "What a Leader Is."

2021 Metrics Report and Recognition Publication.

Our program is currently changing. For more information and to attend our February 2022 launch event and learn more about our new program, please contact us at the email below.


Rayna Oliker