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Applying for recognition


The deadline for recognition applications is June 30 each year.

The Colorado Green Business Network uses an online reporting tool called GreenBiz Tracker, which allows businesses to register for free and store information on their sustainable practices in a format that we use to evaluate & assist businesses according to our recognition criteria.

GreenBiz Tracker also allows for the creation of a business profile, which once the business is recognized, is published and made searchable by the public to encourage more consumer awareness about the companies involved in the program.

Once a company has registered in GreenBiz Tracker, they will fill out a baseline assessment. For organizations interested in technical support, the baseline assessment gives us the information we need to provide technical assistance to businesses just getting started with sustainability.

For those interested in formal certification, the Colorado Green Business Network application (submitted through the GreenBiz Tracker platform) will need to be completed and submitted by June 30th.

Green Business registration, information and follow up process



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Applying for recognition?

Our complete Membership handbook and technical manual has everything you need to know about our application process. Download and open with a PDF reader for full functionality.

  Technical manual


The Environmental Leadership program

The Colorado Green Business Network is the new branded version of the Environmental Leadership program, or ELP - a statewide recognition program with over 23 years of tradition to its name, boating over 150 member businesses per year. The Environmental Leadership program is in the process of transitioning more completely into it’s new name and program, Colorado Green Business Network, but out of respect for the fantastic work that has been completed to date by our current Environmental Leadership program members, we’re still recognizing our businesses under that program.


With questions and interest in technical assistance, contact

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