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Each year, the Colorado Green Business Network recognizes and celebrates businesses that go above and beyond in implementing sustainability in their operations. The graphic shows the estimated resource reductions and accomplishments our businesses achieved in 2022 alone.

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Check out our annual metrics report for more information on our program, and our award winners!

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2016 to 2021 24 Karat Gold Winners for CGBN

The 24k Gold Award is a voluntary, members choice competition between Gold Certified Organizations, who submit a project that best demonstrates the sustainability efforts of the organization, team, or individual they wish to recognize. The winner is decided by all our CGBN members, after reviewing applications. The winner is announced at our annual Recognition Event with the handing over of the 24k Gold Trophy.

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Jeff Purdy with Capco logo

2022 winner: Jeff Purdy, Capco LLC

Since joining the Capco team in 2019, Jeff Purdy has been making a tremendously positive impact on Grand Junction’s Environment and Community. Under Jeff’s leadership as Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Capco has reduced 500,000 lbs of CO2 gas in a 9-month period, moved all facility lighting to LEDs, and has seen an 89% reduction in hazardous waste since 2019, through the active evaluation of all process streams, water, gas, and scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Jeff is also highly engaged with the community within Capco and within the Western Slope, partnering with local schools to build benches to support solar charging stations for personal electronic devices, and supporting the CGBN Western Slope community by organizing quarterly meetings. Jeff is a standout steward of the environment and community, driving Capco to be an industry leader in these areas.

The Innovation Spotlight Awards give organizations the opportunity to be recognized for outstanding progress and innovation in a specific area of operations, including water, energy, waste, transportation, or community/equity.

Earthlinks award winner, five people smiling


EarthLinks: Equity

EarthLinks is a nonprofit that creates Earth-centered programming for people experiencing homelessness and economic poverty. EarthLinks provides workshops, trips into Nature, and urban gardening to community participants. Participants harvest more than 1,300 lbs of produce and craft more than 6,000 sustainable products.





Denver water award winner, a person putting a computer tower into a big bin


Denver Water: Energy

Denver Water proudly serves high quality water and promotes its efficient use to 1.5 million people in Denver. Denver Water redeveloped their main campus, integrating LED lighting and LEED standards. They used solar to make the one building Net-Zero in energy. 1,570,000 kWh of energy saved per year.





Bear Creek Cabins award winner, cabin with green grass lawn in the sun


Bear Creek Cabins: Water

Bear Creek Cabins is a family owned and operated vacation rental establishment in Evergreen, Colorado. Bear Creek Cabins Installed rainwater collection barrels and seeded drought-tolerant native grass mixes to minimize direct surface water run-off into Bear Creek during precipitation events and to completely eliminate potable water use for landscaping.





Circle Graphics award winner, warehouse door with Circle Graphics logo, mural and two motorcycles



Circle Graphics: Waste

Circle Graphics is a producer of grand and large-format digital graphics, creating innovative projects for outdoor advertising, business signage, wall decor, and photography. Circle Graphics Implemented a polyethylene poster and bulletin recycling program in April 2021, resulting in the recycling of 216 tons of polyethylene since then.




Horizon Discovery award winner, 4 people standing and smiling


Horizon Discovery: Waste

Horizon Discovery provides research services and products to support a greater understanding of the function of genes across all species. Horizon Discovery switched their cold shipped packaging to 100% recyclable, plant-based insulation panels, with an estimated 3530.4 MTCO2e saved from entering the atmosphere annually.

Applying for recognition

For a quick overview of our recognition criteria, please check out our Criteria overview.

Trouble viewing the image? Access CGBN levels in a PDF format.

The Colorado Green Business Network uses an online reporting tool called GreenBizTracker, which allows businesses to register for free and store information on their sustainable practices in a format that we use to evaluate & assist businesses according to our recognition criteria.

GreenBiz Tracker also allows for the creation of a business profile, which once the business is recognized, is published and made searchable by the public to encourage more consumer awareness about the companies involved in the program.

Our current application for recognition comes in 4 parts!

  1. The baseline assessment: this captures your initial, baseline data, and is used for reference in grading the other sections of the application.
  2. The policy and leadership section: this focuses on the importance of policy in ensuring lasting change, while encouraging holistic emissions tracking and inventories.
  3. The resource reduction section: this focuses on resource use and best practices in the areas of energy, water, transportation, purchasing, and waste, including points for reductions in total use from your baseline.
  4. The submission agreement: this section is your final step! It contains acknowledgements, stating that you understand the terms of the program, and are ready to submit your application.



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Applying for recognition?

Our complete Membership handbook and technical manual has everything you need to know about our application process. Download and open with a PDF reader for full functionality.

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The Environmental Leadership program

The Colorado Green Business Network is the new branded version of the Environmental Leadership program, or ELP - a statewide recognition program with over 23 years of tradition to its name, boating over 150 member businesses per year. The Environmental Leadership program is in the process of transitioning more completely into it’s new name and program, Colorado Green Business Network, but out of respect for the fantastic work that has been completed to date by our current Environmental Leadership program members, we’re still recognizing our businesses under that program.


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