Tobacco Grant Program: Cessation and health systems change

Resources for health care and public health professionals working to reduce tobacco use in your communities


Clinical Practice Guideline: 2008 Update

Describes specific strategies that health care administrators, managed care organizations, and purchasers of health plans can implement to treat tobacco dependence


The Guide to Community Preventive Services: What Works to Promote Health — Cessation

A list of interventions that have been reviewed by a task force for effectiveness


Smoking Cessation Leadership Center

Aims to increase smoking cessation rates and increase the number of health professionals who help smokers quit.


Tobacco Free Toolkit for Healthcare Providers


NAQC (North American Quitline Consortium)

An international, nonprofit membership organization that seeks to promote evidence-based quitline services across diverse communities.


ATTUD (Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence)

An organization of providers dedicated to the promotion of and increased access to evidence-based tobacco treatment for the tobacco user.


CDC: A Practical Guide to Working With Health-Care Systems on Tobacco-Use Treatment

A guide to increasing public health professionals\' comfort with and skill in establishing collaborative relationships with leaders of health care systems and to facilitate the creation of long-term partnerships that promote effective system-wide tobacco-use treatment.


Partnership for Prevention: Working With Healthcare Delivery Systems to Improve the Delivery of Tobacco-Use Treatments to Patients — An Action Guide

Information on resources and key steps.


SBIRT Colorado: Screening, Brief, Intervention and Referral to Treatment

A comprehensive, integrated public health approach based on universal screenings, SBIRT creates awareness about America's No. 1 preventable health issue: substance use.


Healthy Living Toolkits

Guidance on how to document and address issues of health promotion in Medicaid/CHP+ clients.


CMS Tobacco Cessation Guidelines for Medicare

Intended for Medicare fee-for-service physicians, providers, suppliers and other health care professionals who furnish or provide referrals for Medicare.


Quit Tobacco —Make Everyone Proud

An educational campaign for the U.S. military, sponsored by the Department of Defense.


E-Cigarettes (one-sheet overview)

General information about e-cigarettes.