For health care providers treating tobacco use

This page provides tobacco cessation and prevention resources, and information that can be used by health care professionals of all kinds.

Medicaid tobacco cessation benefits

Information for medical providers to promote tobacco cessation services for Medicaid clients, including what's covered through benefits, tips for influencing your clients to quit billing codes and more.

Clinical Practice Guideline: 2008 Update

Describes specific strategies that health care administrators, managed care organizations, and purchasers of health plans can implement to treat tobacco dependence

Our online resource center

Free promotional materials to engage clients about quitting tobacco

Referring patients to the QuitLine

Remember to ask every patient at each encounter about tobacco use. The Colorado QuitLine is a free quitting service available to Colorado residents 15 and older.

Technical assistance and training

Behavioral health and wellness toolkits

Tobacco cessation training for health care providers

Colorado health care provider training for implementing tobacco cessation guidelines in clinical practice

This training isn't just for doctors but can assist all health care professionals, including those delivering smoking cessation treatment in clinical settings, those facilitating health systems or quality improvement initiatives, or anyone working on a clinical team.

Foundations and strategies of tobacco control

A series of online training modules that will help those working in public health develop knowledge and capacity to provide comprehensive tobacco control programs.

Additional online resources

Obtain tobacco cessation medication for your patients on Medicaid.