Lactation-friendly child care

Early childhood teachers and providers with lactation knowledge and supportive practices can increase the length of time babies are breastfed, leading to better health for parents and babies.


Lactation Friendly Child Care Toolkits

Toolkit training

For partners


For child care providers
  • Supporting Breastfeeding in Child Care - free, interactive online lactation training available for any early childhood teacher:

Lactation-Friendly Recognition

Become officially recognized as a Lactation-Friendly location by implementing written policy and practices, as outlined in the lactation-friendly toolkits.


Guidance for early childhood educators


Lactation information for early childhood educators

Human Milk Storage & Feeding Tips

National standards on quality health and safety practices and policies for early childhood educators:

Info and handouts to provide to families


Communicating with families



Pumping and feeding


Paced bottle feeding

Starting solid foods


Education and promotion


Breastfeeding posters

Breastfeeding toys and books

  • Toys and activities.

  • Books.

    • My New Baby – by Rachel Fuller.

    • If My Mom Were a Platypus: Mammal Babies and Their Mothers – by Dia L. Michels.

    • Mama’s Milk – by Michael Elsohn Ross. (Available in Spanish.)

    • Supermom and The World is Full of Babies! – by Mick Manning.

    • What Baby Needs and Baby on the Way – by William Sears MD and Martha Sears RN.

    • We Like to Nurse – by Chia Martin.

    • Best Milk – by Kate Carothers.


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