Attributes of a sexually healthy person

A sexually healthy person is someone who:

  • Makes decisions about sexual health that are in line with her or his personal identities, goals, values, and beliefs.

  • Makes healthy decisions based on access to accurate, affordable and comprehensive education, services, and resources.

  • Has the skills and knowledge to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

  • Has the skills to build and maintain safe and healthy relationships.

  • Has the skills and knowledge to decide when and if to have a family.

  • Has the right to be free from oppression, exploitation, and abuse.

  • Advocates for his or her needs, wants, goals, and values.

  • Is an educated consumer of health information, resources, and services.

  • Can talk comfortably about sexual health with health professionals, teachers, partners, friends, and family.

  • Has the skills and motivation to disclose a present infection, if any, to her or his sex partners.

  • Has a strong foundation for lifelong sexual health, whether or not he or she is currently sexually active.