COVID-19 Testing in Facilities

    CDPHE to Discontinue Curative Testing for Residential Care Facilities

    CDPHE is discontinuing testing with Curative labs  on January 21, 2021 due to concerns over the accuracy of their COVID-19 tests. The FDA issued a safety alert on January 4, 2020 advising healthcare providers and patients of the Curative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test risking false negative results. 

    While CDPHE stands by its decision to partner with Curative labs, the information that has been released by the FDA in recent weeks made it clear it was time to take our partnership to other laboratories.

    Surveillance testing will continue to be a key strategy to minimizing the spread of COVID-19, along with wearing a mask, hand washing, social distancing, and other proven techniques.

    CDPHE is executing a transition strategy to move all CDPHE supported testing currently being done by Curative to other labs. The transition strategy will prioritize facilities that are currently experiencing outbreaks. Additional information will be provided as it comes available and all residential care facilities will be offered state supported testing from a different laboratory. During the transition, there may be a short period of time when CDPHE will not offer state supported testing to all facilities. Facilities must continue proper infection control procedures. Health Facilities investigators will consider these changes and the lack of state supported testing when conducting inspections.

    Effective immediately, facilities may no longer use Curative labs for surveillance testing.

    Curative FAQ


    • Based on guidance from the FDA, CDPHE is concerned about the accuracy of the Curative assay and collection methods. As such, we are transitioning away from using Curative. 
    • As of 1/21/21 CDPHE will no longer use Curative for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) testing in our residential care facilities, correctional facilities, homeless shelters, or other congregate care settings.  
    • We advise that ONLY symptomatic individuals use Curative community testing sites and that they do an anterior nares or nasopharyngeal swabs and NOT oral. 
    • If individuals have been tested at a community testing site on or after 1/13/2021 using an oral swab and subsequently tested negative should be retested using an anterior nares swab.  
    • We do not have additional safety concerns beyond this action nor do we recommend additional testing at this time.
    • We will be working with all stakeholders to ensure testing access, availability, and turnaround times.


    The full FAQ document can be viewed here

    Surveillance testing transition information can be viewed here.