Site visits

Each Family Planning Program (FPP) subcontractor is required to participate in quality assurance activities in a rotating three-year schedule including an administrative + fiscal site visit, clinical site visit, and chart review (self-conducted by the agency). 

Fiscal Year 2022 - 2025 Site Visit Schedule

Please refer to the Fiscal Year 2022 - 2025 Site Visit Schedule linked above for more information on when your agency will complete each activity. The FPP will work with you directly to schedule the specific dates for these site visits. 

Administrative + Fiscal & Clinical Site Visits

Site Visit Process for Subrecipients

This document outlines what you can expect during the administrative + fiscal and clinical site visit processes and provides links to the documents that will be used during the process. 

Site Visit Agendas

These sample agendas demonstrate the general topics that will be discussed during the site visit meeting. The FPP team will work with your agency to finalize the agenda in preparation for your site visit meeting.  

Site Visit Document Lists

These document lists outline all of the required documents that your agency will submit for review by the FPP team before the site visit meeting. The lists describe what staff will be reviewing and looking for in each document based on the site visit tools (below). This is the primary document you will use to prepare for your site visit.  

Site Visit Tools

These tools were developed to align with the federal Title X program review tools used by the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) to monitor compliance with Title X requirements. The FPP team will indicate whether each requirement was met or not met and record what evidence supports the determination. These tools are provided for informational purposes and you are not required to review or use this document prior to the site visit.

Chart Review

A self-audit of family planning client charts is conducted by subrecipients every three years. The APN Medical Director will contact subrecipients scheduled for chart reviews each year to provide a deadline for when the results must be provided and to schedule a time to review the results together. The documents below are used to complete the self-conducted chart review: 

Reach out to cdphe_familyplanning@state.co.us or any member of the FPP team with questions.