Environmental Justice Grants Program

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Community Solutions to Improve Environmental Health

The EJ Grant Program was created by the Environmental Justice Act. It funds projects in Colorado communities disproportionately impacted by pollution and climate change. 

Only projects in disproportionately impacted communities are eligible for grant funding. You can use Colorado EnviroScreen to determine whether you live in a disproportionately impacted community. 

Eligible applicants include: 

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Local governments
  • Federally-recognized Tribal governments 
  • Universities 
  • Other educational institutions 
  • For-profit corporations 
  • Grassroots organizations 

The EJ Grant Program can fund projects that measure, prevent, or reduce pollution to improve public health and the environment. 

Projects can focus on any environmental topics:

  • Air quality
  • Water quantity and quality
  • Waste
  • Land use
  • Built environment
  • Climate
  • Noise
  • Chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Natural assets
  • Soil quality
  • Historical industrial contamination

Grants can also fund projects that help community members participate when CDPHE makes new rules about protecting the environment. 

A maximum of $1,000,000 in total funding will be available. The funding period for projects is July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024 (1 year). Awards will range from $50,000-250,000. CDPHE may fund up to 8-10 organizations during this initial grant cycle. The maximum amount for an individual grant award will be $250,000. CDPHE may fund up to 8-10 organizations during this initial grant cycle.

The deadline for EJ Grant applications was February 3, 2023. We received a total of 27 applications. Our EJ Grants Specialist is in the process of reviewing these applications to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.

Next, the Environmental Justice Advisory Board will review and score applications to determine which applicants will receive funding. Applicants will be notified of awards on approximately March 22, 2023. Contracts will subsequently be finalized and grant projects can begin on July 1, 2023.

You can access the Request for Application (RFA) materials from cycle one here. If you would like to listen to the previously recorded informational webinars about the EJ Grant Program you can access those recordings here. All questions asked during the webinars and submitted by email have been posted to our public Q&A/FAQ document.

For questions, contact EJ Grants Specialist Gabriella Boehm at cdphe_ej@state.co.us.

Technical assistance organizations

Many organizations offer free resources to help communities with environmental justice concerns. For example, they may provide technical assistance on grant applications. 

To learn more about the Environmental Justice Program at CDPHE, visit our webpage.