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Environmental Justice Ombudsperson Complaint System

Marcus Howell is the Environmental Justice ombudsperson. The ombudsperson is appointed by the Governor. He provides an independent voice to advocate for disproportionately impacted communities. He has a direct line of communication with CDPHE's executive director. The Ombudsperson Complaint System is designed to provide Coloradans with a centralized place to voice their concerns about environmental justice and pollution. 

The ombudsperson works with staff across CDPHE. He will work to respond to environmental justice complaints promptly and transparently. Over time, the ombudsperson will identify trends and work to address them with department leadership.

Submit a complaint



Individuals can fill out an online formemail, mail, or call the ombudsman to voice their concerns. The system is available in English and Spanish. Complaints can also be submitted in any language via email. The ombudsperson will work with the environmental and technical staff at CDPHE to find possible solutions. The new complaint system does not replace any of the existing systems.

To submit a complaint in a language other than English or Spanish, please email ej_complaints@state.co.us. You may send the complaint via email in the language of your choice. 

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The Ombudsperson will work to resolve complaints and can answer many questions. The focus will be centered on environmental justice complaints from communities carrying a heavier burden of pollution. In the event a concern is outside the scope of his work, the ombudsperson will work with individuals to ensure their concerns are routed to the appropriate division or state agency.

All names, addresses, and phone numbers entered into this form are confidential. We will not share any of your personally identifiable information without your permission. Read more about our privacy policy on the CDPHE Privacy Policy page.

Contact the Ombudsperson



Marcus Howell, Environmental Justice Ombudsperson, CDPHE

4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Denver, CO 80246


What CDPHE can help with

Investigating whether pollution in the air, water, or soil is being controlled under all applicable laws. This might include:

What CDPHE cannot help with
  • Managing natural resources (wildlife, outdoor recreation, forestry, agriculture). The Department of Natural Resources and Department of Agriculture addresses these issues.
  • Making binding decisions about land use. Local governments regulate land use.
  • Requiring pollution to be reduced below levels allowed under law. 
  • Addressing most nuisance topics like noise and light. Local governments regulate nuisance.
  • Controlling federally regulated transit like air traffic and trains. The federal Department of Transportation regulates these activities.

Leave your feedback

The ombudsperson needs to hear from you to make sure that system can be utilized by communities disproportionately impacted by pollution. You can share your written feedback with ej_complaints@state.co.us.

You can provide feedback in any language. You can still submit feedback, but the Ombudsperson may not be able to incorporate the feedback into the final complaint system launch in mid-April.

Have a question? Contact us at ej_complaints@state.co.us.