Project Summaries: Colorado Environmental Justice Grants Program


The Environmental Justice Advisory Board selected the following projects to receive funding under the first year of the Colorado Environmental Justice Grants Program:


San Juan Basin Public Health

Project title: SJBPH Environmental Justice Healthy Homes Project

Current funding amount: $77,329.00

Pilot healthy homes project designed to reduce environmental hazards in the home in Disproportionately Impacted Communities by adopting the New York State Healthy Neighborhoods Program (HNP) and other models with demonstrated success at reducing asthma triggers, lead exposures, radon risk, and associated work and school absences and healthcare costs.

City of Las Animas

Project title: City of Las Animas Preliminary Engineering Report for TIN Removal

Current funding amount: $55,000.00

Develop a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to identify cost-effective ways to remove total inorganic nitrogen (TIN) from the City's wastewater treatment facility to ensure compliance with the facility's discharge permit requirements.


Black Parents United Foundation

Project title: Youth Environmental Justice Leaders

Current funding amount: $184,942.81

Implement a youth environmental justice leadership training that provides educational experiences to advocate for environmental justice, promote engagement in the Black Parents United Foundation (BPUF) environmental justice leadership team, and assist with the ongoing sustainability of the BPUF environmental justice program.

Americas for the Arts Inc. dba Americas for Conservation + the Arts

Project title: Aurora Tree Keepers

Current funding amount: $199,385.19

Launch Tree Keepers program in Aurora, engaging Promotores Verdes (PV) in a comprehensive tree planting and restoration effort to improve the tree canopy and establish residents as stewards of the trees in their communities.


Project Protect Food Systems Workers

Project title: Supporting Colorado’s Agricultural Workers through the Project Protect Promatora Network

Current funding amount: $124,163.00

Provide information and resources to agricultural workers across Colorado to avoid or mitigate the negative health impacts of poor air quality and extreme climate during two critical portions of the agricultural season.

The Green House Connection Center

Project title: Environmental Justice Program for North Metro Denver

Current funding amount: $127,890.00

Implement a community-based “Pollution & Solutions” EJ program for north metro Denver that builds capacity and community solidarity, reduces barriers to meaningful community engagement in rulemaking, empowers the community to advocate for themselves through educational programs about how to participate in regulatory decisions, and to ultimately reduce the cumulative impacts experienced by the community.


Boulder Watershed Collective

Project title: San Lazaro Community Water Project

Current funding amount: $77,099.00

Assess existing water quality impairments and potential short and long-term methods to improve year-round potable water quality for San Lazaro mobile home park residents and improve the conditions in the watershed where the park is located.

Walking Mountains Science Center

Project title: Community Climate Action

Current funding amount: $154,191.00

Create a community-driven engagement plan to increase Latino/a/x involvement in the Eagle County Climate Action Plan, and increase knowledge and understanding of climate change impacts and strategies to reduce these impacts within Eagle County's Latino/a/x community.