Colorado Green Business Network

Program overview

The Colorado Green Business Network (CGBN) is a voluntary program that encourages, supports, and rewards organizations that make the move toward the goal of true, operational sustainability.

Our goal is to support organizations throughout the state at any level of implementation in increasing the efficiency and sustainability of their operation through assessing opportunities for growth, recognizing success, and providing connections to like-minded businesses throughout the state.

We do this through a two-pronged approach by:

  1. Providing free, off-site coaching and on-site assistance to any organization that requests it.
  2. Recognizing and awarding organizations for exemplary practices that lead to resource reduction.

To learn more about our program, please check out our CGBN program overview (Spanish version), as well as the pages below!





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Technical assistance

We provide free assistance to all organizations interested in increasing the efficiency of their operations. Our opportunity assessments are holistic, covering emissions, water, waste, energy, transportation, and policy.

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When businesses have started to reduce their resource use and implement sustainability into operations, we provide state level recognition in the form of networking opportunities, awards, and more!

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pyramid showing the different levels of CGBN; point-based application, annual reporting, awards opportunities, technical assistance for gold, silver, and bronze (recognition) category; no application, baseline tracking, technical assistance for support category.

Incentives for joining our network!


There are lots of reasons to join the Colorado Green Business Network. The incentive most of our organizations often emphasize is the networking and community opportunities. Another commonly spoken benefit to the program is the connection with the state, which provides organizations with early updates on funding opportunities available through state and local programs as well as utilities and letters of recommendation in grant applications. As a part of the CGBN, organizations can also reduce input costs, disposal costs, compliance issues, worker exposure, risk and liability and increase performance, customer preference, product differentiation, worker satisfaction and retention.

Business representatives check in at the welcome booth at the CGBN’s 2023 Recognition Event.
People surrounding the business tables at the 2023 CGBN Recognition Event.
Business representatives shaking hands with each other at the 2023 CGBN Recognition Event.
Two people laughing at each other during the networking hour at the 2023 CGBN Recognition Event.
EarthLinks representatives laughing while someone visits their business table at the 2023 CGBN Recognition Event.


With questions and interest in technical assistance, contact CDPHE.greenbusiness@state.co.us

Green Business Network Colorado

Meet our staff

Alyssia Chinda

Alyssia Chinda graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies. Previously, she worked as a Community Engagement Corpsmember at Mile High Youth Corps in the Energy and Water Conservation Program. She also completed an internship for our local partners PACE (Partners for a Clean Environment) in Boulder County. Alyssia is very excited to continue her work as the Green Business Specialist for CDPHE.

Contact: alyssia.chinda@state.co.us

Francis Otero

Francis Otero completed her Master's degree in Urban Resilience and Sustainability at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She previously worked with Boulder PACE (Partners for a Clean Environment) as a Bilingual Business Sustainability Fellow. She received her undergraduate degree in Finance from York University, Canada. Francis is very excited to continue work in the green business world as the Green Business Specialist for CDPHE.

Contact: francis.otero@state.co.us

Rayna Oliker

A Boston native, Rayna Oliker joined CDPHE as the Colorado Green Business Network Administrator early in 2021. Rayna brings 12 years of experience in operational sustainability as well as education and outreach, with a Master’s degree in Education from CU Boulder. Rayna’s focus is on providing exemplary service to the State of Colorado businesses while centering equity, engagement, and sustainability in all the work that she does.

Contact: rayna.oliker@state.co.us

Oakley Jennings-Fast

Oakley received her Chemical and Biological Engineering degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and began her career working for the chemical manufacturing industry. Inspired to shift her career, she founded her own consulting company, Level Up Planet, and served as the Director of Circular Economy for Smart Waste USA. In her free time, Oakley volunteers as a board member for Women in Cleantech and Sustainability and produces a podcast on waste minimization and diversion.

Contact: oakley.jennings-fast@state.co.us

Holly Pummell

Holly Pummell graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics and Management. Her past work experiences in local government and higher education have focused on operational sustainability, equity, policy, project management, and engagement. Holly looks forward to her role as our Green Business Program Coordinator for CDPHE.

Contact: holly.pummell@state.co.us


Regional Partnerships

The below cities are supported by the CGBN as Regional Partners. As a Regional Partner, these cities were trained with all of the resources to implement the State-Wide CGBN program in their area. In this way, each of these cities can offer the prestige and resources of a state-wide program while providing the tailored and personal approach of a local program!


Interested in starting a local Green Business program in your area?

The quality of support a local program can provide is leaps and bounds above what we can do, working to serve all businesses across the state. We strive to make starting a local green business program as simple as possible by providing all the resources a new program might need including:

  • Policies and procedures.
  • Criteria, data management support, and recognition.
  • Training for new business specialists.

If you or an organization you know in your community might be interested in starting a local green business program as a member of the Colorado Green Business network, reach out to us and let us know! Contact cdphe.greenbusiness@state.co.us to get started.