Cancer, Cardiovascular and Chronic Pulmonary Disease Grants Program

The Cancer, Cardiovascular and Chronic Pulmonary Disease Grants Program (CCPD) funds programs for prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease and chronic pulmonary disease.

Strategic Planning

CDPHE’s Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention (HPCDP) Branch is currently engaging in strategic planning efforts to inform the direction of Colorado’s Tobacco and Chronic Disease programs. CDPHE maintains a strong commitment to health and racial equity as a foundation for all the work we do. Our vision is that every Coloradan has equitable access to opportunities to thrive regardless of who they are or where they live. Advancing health and racial equity through programmatic and policy efforts is our highest priority. Your input is valuable and needed as we collaboratively determine our path forward to advance our tobacco and chronic disease efforts.
Overview of Strategic Planning Process
Virtual Engagement and Planning Sessions (information and registration)​

CCPD Grants Program Review Committee

The review committee oversees strategic planning and funding recommendations for the CCPD Grants Program.

Funding portfolio

Information about our current CCPD grantees.

Grantee resources

Technical assistance and resources for current CCPD grantees.

CCPD funding opportunities

Information on current and future funding opportunities.


About the program

The Cancer, Cardiovascular and Chronic Pulmonary Disease (CCPD) Grants Program was created in 2005 by Amendment 35 to “fund competitive grants to provide a cohesive approach to cancer, cardiovascular disease, and chronic pulmonary disease prevention, early detection, and treatment in Colorado" (CRS 25-20.5-302 (1)).

The CCPD Grants Program is administered by the Prevention Services Division and is overseen by the CCPD Review Committee and governed by the Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) Title 25, Article 20.5, Part 3, Section 25.20.5-301 et seq: CRS Article 25.20.5 CCPD Sections rev. 2009 (added as a result of Amendment 35) and Code of Colorado Regulations (CCR) 6 CCR 1015-9: Board of Health rules for CCPD Grants Program 2006.