School-Based Oral Health (SBOH) Project

The SBOH Project is designed to ensure access to high quality integrated oral health services to strengthen the capacity of participating SBHCs to:

  • Enhance the oral health services delivered under the required SBHC Program Menu of Services to develop and/or expand the practice of implementing SBOH as a standard of care. 
  • Support implementation through additional evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions, such as: 
    • Oral Health Education and Instruction.
    • Screenings. 
    • Fluoride Varnish. 
    • Sealants.

For more information on the Oral health Unit activities, visit: https://coloradooralhealth.org
For more information on School Based Oral Health Programs, visit: https://coloradooralhealth.org/initiatives/school-based-oral-health