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Retail food - change of ownership


Retail food licenses are associated to the current ownership and location, and are non-transferable.
If you're planning to purchase, or have already purchased, an existing food service operation and aren’t making any changes to the establishment, menu or equipment, we may consider your application for license without a plan review. Before you can apply for a retail food license, you need to get a sales tax license from the Department of Revenue.

  Get a sales tax license

If you've already got a sales tax license, and are planning to completely change ownership (different taxpayer or employer ID number than originally listed), you need to get a new one that matches the new ownership.
Once the new sales tax license is obtained, you must apply for a new retail food establishment license under the new ownership.
To request a retail food establishment license application, call us and ask to speak with the environmental protection specialist for the city/county where you plan to operate:


If you're planning on making changes to the establishment, menu, or equipment, you'll need to submit your plans to us before you can get a license.